Tips for choosing the right maid

There are no sure ways of choosing or hiring the right maid. However, there are certain guidelines employers can use to ensure that they hire the right foreign domestic helper(外傭). In order to find the right maid, employers should determine what skills they want in the maid or the reasons behind hiring the maid. An employer may need a maid who will take care of the elderly, young children or work on house chores. Regardless, an employer must hire a maid with the right experience and skills of working on the job at hand. One can determine whether the maid has the right skills by interviewing them.

During the interviews, an employer should give the specific scenarios the maid will be conditioned in and see how the maid reacts to those scenarios. Some employers hire maids from a maid agency because they are looking for a cook. If a maid is expected to cook, an employer should ensure that they ask the maid whether they are good at cooking during the interviews. If possible, a maid should be made to orally demonstrate how to cook certain foods during the interviews. It is worth mentioning that as far as cooking is concerned, the maid’s taste preferences may be different from that of the employer if the maid is a foreigner.
When hiring a filipino maid (僱傭) who can cook well, therefore, an employer should not expect the maid to get everything correct the first time. The employer may need to train the house helper to cook certain foods and pick up from there. Language is also another factor to consider when looking for the right maid. A maid may not be able to speak the native language. However, if the maid can express herself well in the language the employer understands, then the maid should be considered.