The Advantages of Pre Stretch Pallet Wrap

Pallet wrap is a plastic film used to fasten products to a plastic or wooden pallet throughout transit, such as during distribution by a regional warehouse to a certain retail outlet. Countless pallets are wrapped in the United Kingdom regular and approximately 150,000 tonnes of pallet wrap are all bought in the United Kingdom each year.

But for the major retailers plastic roll is viewed just as a price, there’s no additional value for them in pallet wrap, it’s a secondary packaging that doesn’t get to the customer, and therefore doesn’t carry a promotional material or make a desire for buy, contrary to other kinds of packaging, like tins and cartons.

Cost reduction is consequently an extremely close second to quality when it has to do with the criteria for altering providers of pallet wrap. Many businesses attempt to get this done through cost, getting a less expensive cost a reel, but seldom hoping to modify the specification of this film they use. This is particularly true for those clients who don’t deal directly with a manufacturer, since the re-seller they use may lack a few of their in-depth technical understanding of a manufacturer.

So what’s the optimal solution for price reduction, whilst keeping an excellent product? It certainly isn’t a decrease in the cost a reel of film, in fact it may be the specific opposite occasionally, the purchase price of the reel can appear. The real key to getting the most for your cash in stretch film terms will be return or place simply how many pallets are you able to wrap with this 1 reel. For instance a reel which prices GBP3.00 and wraps 35 pallets is greater worth than a reel that’s GBP1.50 and wraps 15 pallets, the price per pallet is 1.5de more affordable.

The ideal product for this is that pre-stretch films, which can be 8 micron, which is a lot thinner than normal films that normally, come in at 14mu. The film is stretched by the manufacturer unlike traditional films that are stretched by the consumer, and of course the human hand can’t supply the constant stretch of modern machines. It follows that less weight of film is required to wrap every pallet, therefore making this kind of film more effective.