Homestay in Malacca homestay Ayer Keroh

Tourism is one of the major sources of income, and recently it has grown to a new level. Natives now earn more money, and their lifestyle and living standard has taken a new level altogether. Eco tourism has gained much importance lately throughout the world as it helps in the sustainability of the environment and environmental conservation.

Ecotourism encourages the natives as well as the tourist to protect their environment so that all can benefit in the long term. Homestays are an integral part of Eco tourism. We mostly visit hotels and holiday homes when we go for vacations, but the real fun and authenticity of the place can be enjoyed only if you prefer homestays like the homestay Jasinto hotels.
Difference between homestays like the Melaka homestay and Hotels
• Unlike hotels, homestays have only a fewrooms, and the owner of the house is the host. You get personal attention, and if you bond with them they dine with you and even spend time with you, and you can be good friends and keep in touch for a longer period of time.
• There are hell and heaven difference between home cooked, and the hotel served food. Many people fall sick due to continuous intake of hotel-cooked food. But at homestays, you can always get home cooked food, and you always feel like at home. You get the real authentic flavor of the place in the home cooked food, which makes your homestay experience much more worth remembering because a way to a person’s hearth is through his stomach.
• Homestays like the Melaka homestay are a cheaper option than hotels. Homestay costs include meals, some of the extra facilities like laundry. Therefore, you can always choose homestays over hotels.

These are primarily the advantages of choosing homestays like Alor elephant homestay over hotels.
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