CPA Offers: Earn Revenue withOffer wall

Monetize your digital world and earn revenue through easy implementation of add-on widgets. You can use CPA Offers, CPI lead, Offerwall and many other widgets to earn from your websites. Your mobile apps, websites, and web pages can become an easy source of income.

Offerwall in simple terms is a web page that includes CPA, CPI and CPL ads. An Offerwall is a combination of all the widgets. The aim of the Offerwall is to attract the users to complete a said task and get rewarded in return. You earn from the advertisers when each task is performed.
The task may include the following:
• Watch a video and rate it.
• Download a particular app to your mobile.
• Fill up a survey form.
• Enter into a competition.
• Vote in a poll
• Sign in with email id for a free trial
• Click on a free job.
The task may be of different nature, but the result is one. Your app and website become a revenue earner. The user is attracted with the various offers attached to the task. The offers are so appealing that the user tends to perform the action and you get money in return.
Effective advertising
Offerwall and CPA networking offer is an effective way of advertising also. An advertiser can attach the javascript to any website and advertise the product. If you want to launch a new product and want to know the survey or decide between the best products of different companies; you can use this method. Offers and rewards are always attractive to the consumers. They tend to fall for such offers and perform your tasks.

Earn by giving away your games
If you are a game or app developer, cpa lead is the best solution. Users are always attracted to free games and apps. When they get the free apps along with the paid app, they tend to download it too. Through CPI you get paid for every such installation. Get creative with these methods to boost your revenue.